Thumbnails of opened tabs in Firefox with search box

SOLVED: Firefox – list of opened tabs with thumbnails?

Previously I wrote about a hidden feature of Firefox, which I accidentally found while browsing some specific  web-pages (more here).

Today I found a solution how to enable this feature for any case. It is so simple 🙂
Just open new tab in your Firefox browser and type:


Than just confirm the dialog, that you will be careful on this page and you will get to the Firefox config page, where you can edit almost any Firefox feature.
Find this value:


and set it to true
That`s it! 🙂

Now you can close config window and your keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Tab & Ctrl+Shift+Tab will get new dimension 🙂 It works as follow:

  • If You hit Ctrl+Tab quickly it will browse your tabs as default – immediately switch into last viewed tab
  • If You hold Ctrl and continuously click Tab button it shows you just small previews of tabs (I can see only 6 of them) – from this preview windows is also one of the options how to get to large tabs preview, where you can see all opened tabs at once – it can be done by activation button: “Show all XY tabs” (by navigating via Tab or by clicking button with mouse cursor)
  • Last option is to use shortcut Crtl+Shift+Tab – this will navigate you directly into iLayer with all opened tabs listed. At the moment when this large list will appear, you can also start typing name of the tab you are looking for and Fireox will filter them out for you.

Thumbnails of opened tabs in Firefox with search box

By this I also closed and issue in bugzilla (mentioned in previous article), because it is solved now. Enjoy! 😉

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