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How detect services running on 80 port at Windows 10

I was facing issue, that I needed to install web server using 80 port on my Windows 10 workstation, but I found out, that port is being blocked on fresh installed system. It took me some time to figure out, what exactly is using this port.

I got into multiple guides on stackoverflow and different discussion forums, but only one solution gave me instant answer on this.

There are multiple ways, how you can find such an information:

  • using command line and netstat command
  • using Resource monitor in Windows (Win+Esc, switch to Performance tab and click Resource monitor in bottom – in new window click Network tab and open Listening ports at bottom)
  • using NET command in cmd

The best and fastest way seems to me NET command, because this was only way how I was able to detect exact names of services using this port (other ways did not provide me exact name of service, mostly only info that it is being run by “System”):


This will give you following output and also option to stop those services immidiately:

C:\Users\someuser>NET stop HTTP
The following services are dependent on the HTTP Service service.
Stopping the HTTP Service service will also stop these services.

SSDP Discovery
 Print Spooler

Do you want to continue this operation? (Y/N) [N]: n

Hope, that this will help to someone else too 🙂