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Google developer day Prague 2009

I guess that we were all (web developers) looking for this day in our country. While I was watching an developer day in World Trade Center São Paulo I decided, that I have to register for the local one (Prahue). This kind of occasion does not happen every year and everyone who is interested in this field of internet bussiness has to jion this event.

Past time I have spend a lot of time playing aroud with a new product – Google Wave – and there is not too much information on the internet about this new Google service and as long as I see a lot of potential in this new service, I want to know more of information about this. I am also interested in deeper look into other Google web tools like maps, ajax apis etc.

So I am going to join this event (currently today – in 7 hours) an keep You informed about my new  findings at this event.

Let`s start!

Hello everyone. I decided to run my own blog.

This blog will be more technically oriented – mainly to the web developement field and web industry generally.

There were more reasons leading me to this step. One of them was so much googling around the web to find some solution and it took hours find the right one. Mostly because of bad tagging, keywording etc. of the posts where I found solution. So I will add those sulutions here to be find easily by others in the future.

Another one was to archieve some work flows of mine and news from the web industry, so that me or You do not have to search for them too hard in the future … and for some of You could be usefull for Your web develpement.

Hope that You will enjoy my blog …