I am running on my own server!

Yes, it is true now, all my websites are running on my own server now. I was planning this step for a while already, but there were some troubles all the time.  Finally 2 weeks ago happened something what really forced me to make this step finally!Maybe You are asking what happened … well it is well known in my country what happened in past 2 weeks. One of the biggest webhosting company banan.cz has been hacked. But not once … it was three times in a row! Well, honestly, I could get over it, if they would inform me as their client about this attack at least via email with the details what exactly happened. I found out about this issue via news portal and there was also official statement about this attack. In this statement was something like:

Everything is fine now, our servers are secured and attacker stealed only public available information searchable via WHOIS.

At this moment I said ok … everyone can have some security issue, which can be used by an attacker. They sent me a new password for the administration and I changed it to new one. But 2 days after that, was this company hacked again and at this moment I also received an email with my public WHOIS info, but also md5 has of my new password I did steup after first attack … Now I was sure, that banan.cz is not being too honest to their clients and they were lying in every official statement they made. They also lied at their second official statement, which was actually almost same as first one, but they added an info about last attack, that no new data were stolen and in fact attacker just sent new emails to the all clients of banan.cz using email database from the first attack … pfff liars 😛 how could attacker get my latest password hash with database from first attack? Maybe attacker is an magician or something like that … 🙂

Here is an email I got from an attacker:

Immidiately after I read this email I started proccess of the server setup and domain transfer. I asked my friend to setup a server for me and place it in the serverhousing datacenter in Prague. Whole thing took about a week and now I am free. Free from being depend on company who is lying to me.

I have my own server and banan is hosting 42 domain less 🙂

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