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UPDATE: FATAL ERROR while cloning from Bitbucket private repository

FATAL ERROR: Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)
If this is error, which You are getting form Bitbucket server while trying to clone Your private repository, you can try following:

  1. Start Git bash command line at the location where You want have Your repository cloned.
  2. Copy clone command from Your repository web page – like: git clone ./desiredTargetFolderName
  3. first paste following command into bash: ssh -vT
  4. Than run clone command and it should work

Hope it will help someone.


If You`re still having problems with pulling data  from Your repository (because of permission), check Your home ssh folder, if it contains correct public key file, usually it is:


Get rid of scrollbars in Facebook canvas application

First of all, make sure, that you have correct settings in Your Facebook app setup. To check it, go to:

  1. on the left side choose You app
  2. than on the top right click on “Edit App” button
  3. On the left should be choosen: Settings -> Basic
  4. Go down into the section called: “Select how your app integrates with Facebook”
  5. Find setup for Page Tab and check if you have set correct width of used app layout (mine was 520px)
  6. Save changes, if anything changed
  7. Than on the left choose Settings -> Advanced
  8. In the section “Canvas Settings” should be following setup for canvas height: fluid

Hidden Firefox feature – list of opened tabs with thumbnails?

Today I accidentaly found, that firefox has probably hidden feature. I was always wondering for some feature in the Firefox, which would work similar like Switcher for Windows Aero enabled systems. I mean feature which will offer You list of opened tabs, and You can easily choose one of Your interest via thumbanil or via some letters typed in searchbox. Continue reading Hidden Firefox feature – list of opened tabs with thumbnails?

Google launches new generation of Image Search service

July 2001 is the moment when Google launched its Image search engine offering public access to 250 milion images. On February 2005 it was already 1.1 bilion images available for search and this number keeps growing. As we know, find and exact image we are looking for is being quiet hard and time-consuming. Continue reading Google launches new generation of Image Search service

Let`s start!

Hello everyone. I decided to run my own blog.

This blog will be more technically oriented – mainly to the web developement field and web industry generally.

There were more reasons leading me to this step. One of them was so much googling around the web to find some solution and it took hours find the right one. Mostly because of bad tagging, keywording etc. of the posts where I found solution. So I will add those sulutions here to be find easily by others in the future.

Another one was to archieve some work flows of mine and news from the web industry, so that me or You do not have to search for them too hard in the future … and for some of You could be usefull for Your web develpement.

Hope that You will enjoy my blog …